If anyone would like more information about the history of Leyland and Preston Royal Morris Dancers and other Morris Teams in West Lancashire from 1890 to 1900, why not purchase a copy of

'Morris Dancers & Rose Queens'? (Click here)

(Order form also available as PDF)

All the history is in this book. The following are quotes about the book from various sources:

Wigan Heritage Service. Past Forward. Issue No 45 April - July 2007: 'An impressive work by Mr. Haslett which aims to provide a reference source about Morris dancers and galas in the Victorian era in West Lancashire and to help further the understanding of the Morris Dance. There are numerous events chronicled in this lovely book. A fascinating read for the serious researcher and the casual browser.'

Mike Everett, Archive Officer, The Morris Federation. Autumn 2006: 'A recent acquisition for the Morris Federation Archive is a copy of Johnny Haslett’s book. Johnny is well known in Morris circles. He has a lifelong interest in North West Morris, having been a member of Leyland Morris Men and Preston Royal Morris Dancers, and is a regular at many Folk Festivals. He was also the dance organiser for the Fylde Folk Festival for many years.

This is a book that would grace anybody’s coffee table but is also of inestimable value to the serious researcher into dance history and sociology, painting a picture of the high days and holidays for the ordinary people of the time and illustrating how Morris dancing and sides spread throughout the region. It is a fascinating book that can be dipped into at any time. Over many years Johnny has gathered an incredible archive of material from local newspapers and other sources, which is reproduced here, together with related advertisements and photographs. This is a work of love and dedication for which the Morris world should be particulary grateful.'

Malcolm Taylor, English Folk Song & Dance Society: 'What a beautiful book! Congratulations.'

Derek Schofield, English Folk Song & Dance Society: 'Wow!'

Keith Chandler, Folk Music Journal. Volumn 9. Number 3. 2008. ‘I cannot recommend this work highly enough. Its value as a source book will only increase over the years.’

Duncan Broomhead, The Morris Ring: 'Brilliant book Johnny, well done.'

Roy Smith, Leyland Morris Men: 'I would have no hesitation in recommending this majestic reference book to others; an absolute ‘must’ for anyone at all interested in this particular English Tradition.'

Bill Fish, Stockport Morris Men: 'Congratulations, It looks good.'

Ivor Allsop, Barnsley Long Sword: 'Just received your labour of love. Congratulations, it looks wonderful.'

Jeff Garner, Flag and Bone Gang: 'Absolutely brilliant, you must be proud of it, wonderful, hours of enjoyment.'

Chas Marshall, Ripon City Morris: 'A truly monumental work, you must be very proud of this achievement.'

Julian Pilling, Colne Royal Morris Men: 'Excellent book.'

Alan Seymour, Colne Royal Morris Men: 'Very well done Johnny, it is a very handsome book; you have done Lancashire Morris proud.'

Joe Healey, Britannia Cocoanut Dancers: 'A wonderful piece of history carefully compiled, I’m sure it will find a worthy place in everyone's archive where there is an interest in Folk dancing.'

Pauline Woods-Wilson, Chiltern Hundred’s Morris Dancers: 'A very impressive book.'

Fiona Scragg, Singleton Cloggers: 'It is very impressive. You must be very proud of it.'

Pete Coe: 'Johnny, book arrived safe and sound, a wonderfully researched and presented project.'

Reg Hall: 'Congratulations on a very fine and equally valuable piece of work.'

Dr Eddie Cass: 'A splendid production.'

Simon J. Wooders: 'A lovely stupendous book! Fantastic.'

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